Merge Islands-Merge Islands v1.0.3 MOD APK (Free Shopping)

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Merge Islands


Merge Islands is an exciting game with easy and attractive gameplay. You will discover a large island and have exciting adventures there. Your mission is to merge items together to create new items and build your island. However, you will also encounter some dangers in the game and require you to have the right strategy. Therefore, this game has become unique and attracts many players all over the world.


Before playing this game, players must register an account. With this function, players will enjoy many unique privileges. First, when synthesizing high-level buildings in Merge Islands, players will receive another construction that comes with it and requires diamonds to unlock that building. The second is that the player will receive more diamonds after opening the high-end chests, helping the player collect more diamonds and serve the island-building. Besides, the game has also optimized and fixed some issues in the game to bring great experiences to players.


You will play on a mysterious island with exhilarating, thrilling adventures. Before exploring this island, you have to clear the thick fog there and search for precious treasures around the island area. The longer you play, the more surprises you will discover.


Your main task in the game is to merge and craft different types of items to create new plants and defeat the giant Big Bob in the game. In addition, you can save and make friends with many other players on the island. During your exploration, you must destroy anything that stands in your way, such as weeds, wood, rocks, etc. Collect the necessary resources to build a beautiful shelter on the island, such as wood, flower, metal,…


You just need to merge items together horizontally or vertically to create new items. However, to be successful, you need to have a smart strategy for yourself. You can merge three items into one or collect more (more than two items) to merge together to get even bigger rewards. The merge depends on your gameplay as well as your building strategy, so you can have multiple ways to complete the mission.