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Even though this is a rule, you are free to bend it in any way you see fit, “just attack with hits.” As the player’s skill improves throughout the game, the “width of the battle” expands. It appeals to players of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. It indicates that the game’s difficulty will increase over time, regardless of which game you play.

Players must devote time to the development of their favorite characters. They will be of great help to you in a variety of conflicts and will bring you glory. However, there can be no single unit in combat; an army is required to accomplish this. Assemble your deck, issue orders, engage in battle, and emerge victorious. It has a high level of responsiveness. Aim, hunter worthy of three stars! A fight on the ship can leave you with a hole in your chest. A game can be divided into parts, such as “Place a character,” “Pinch an enemy,” and “Turn over an enemy and attack.” You will win if you reduce your opponent’s health points to zero.

There are as many different combat strategies as there are players in the game. Every character has a distinct set of “abilities.” A wider range of combat strategies will become available as “place to place” and “timing to use” are investigated.