Sky Wings-Sky Wings v3.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Magnet Active)

Sky Wings-Sky Wings v3.2.8 MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Magnet Active) title=

Sky Wings


Never before has a shooting game been so easy to control, only in Sky Wings. You enter an entirely new world in arcade style. Besides the easy-to-control gameplay, the classic, colorful background behind the fighters is equally impressive. You immerse yourself in 3D pixel graphics that look incredibly classic and make a strong impression on you. Not stopping there, many challenging levels are waiting for you to be ready to conquer.


When entering this special world, you will be likened to being lost in hell. Surrounding you are impossibly impressive backgrounds rendered with 3D pixel graphics. Besides the dark hell, players also have the opportunity to venture into the deep green trees from an overhead perspective. Not only that, but the cool blue to dark blue clouds are also designed for you to explore. A thrilling story is waiting for you to enjoy.


Especially, most of the arcade-style shooter titles like this one, you can only play in solo mode. Many players will prefer such a horse alone in this gun war. However, many of you reflect that it will be quite boring. That’s why Sky Wings has captured and improved the gameplay, bringing you both exciting modes.


Now you can enter the most special infinite mode. Here, you are no longer alone fighting the automatically dropped planes. Still, on the contrary, the battle has become more fun than ever when you have the opportunity to compete directly on the screen, mainly with friends. Even Sky Wings players around the globe make no distinction. As long as you send a challenge and get accepted and vice versa, they can challenge you. Do you agree or not?


Most players who have just set foot and experienced the first steps in this shooting war find it relatively easy to overcome and sometimes boring—however, a slap to wake you up when stepping up the complex modes in the back. You can enjoy the impressive Rookie, Champion, Hero mode. If you pass these difficult levels, you will receive attractive rewards.


Sky Wings brings you special surprises from the fighter aircraft collection. Players can enjoy and choose for themselves different heavy or light warriors depending on each level. Appearing in front of you now are more than 26 types of aircraft, including Black Rose, Acacia, Pentas. Each aircraft has different strengths and characteristics depending on speed and durability parameters. Not stopping there, we also own very special and one-of-a-kind drones.


In addition, flight control has become a classic feature when it comes to Sky Wings. If you want to move the plane to the left, touch it and move your hand to the left of the screen. Likewise, the right, top, or bottom are all very simple without a hitch. Thanks to that, everyone loves the game and chooses it for their leisure hours. Can you defeat the evilest bosses in the sky by constantly dropping bombs on you, namely in Dragon, Wolverine, Metal King crab?


Own hundreds of fighter planes or even drones.Avoid the bullets of the flexible cruel tycoon.Mobility is effortless with the touch of a button.Experience from simple to advanced levels without limits.Compete with millions of players around the world in infinite mode.